Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM – a Business Rules overview

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been instrumental in assisting organizations streamline their customer relationships in a managed form. Since 2003, Microsoft Dynamics has grown in market and in potential to what it can do. It has rolled out major system updates every couple of years or so which have hugely extended the capacity of the system. […]

Handy customization options in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In a very short span of time, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is has become one of the fastest growing CRMs in the market. CRM blogs are attributing this success to its strong framework offering extended functionalities and a superior features system. In today’s blog we discuss some handy options to the pros and cons of five […]

How a good Budgeting and Forecasting Systems can impact your business positively

Every business has a corporate strategy that helps them to determine their long-range vision for the firm. With the business environment in constant upheaval, businesses are increasingly realizing the importance of Budgeting and Forecasting Systems which impact current operations. There are many Budgeting and Forecasting Systems like Budget Maestro in the market which provide a […]

Why you need a good Customer Relationship Management Solution

The ultimate purpose a good Customer Relationship Management Solution, is to help increase the profits with better retention of customers. In the case of Customer Relationship Management this can be done by ensuring that you are giving a better service to your customers than that of your competition. A good Customer Relationship Management Solution, like […]

How to determine that you have outgrown QuickBooks and should upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics

If your organization making use of QuickBooks for financial accounting and you are you expecting growth and expansion in the near future, it is time you consider upgrading to the Microsoft Dynamics. Business growth compels CXO’s to make important business software decisions as they are increasingly becoming an important factor in operations. QuickBooks has served […]

Are your Financial Reporting Systems keeping up with global business demands?

Considering the present economic climate, many organizations across the world face the challenge of implementing fiscal discipline at the time of frail economy. Only good financial reporting systems can overcome protracted recession and prevent any major long term implications for competitiveness and business enterprise. same day payday loans no credit checks Businesses – both medium […]

Why you should upgrade to the new Microsoft Dynamics AX

As business leaders, we are all aware that the only constant is change. As organizations grow so do their technologyneeds.  So, if you are using any Microsoft Dynamics solution, its time you upgraded to the Microsoft Dynamics AX. Any business, growing  at any speed  – adds users, solutions to new business problems, or wants to […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus SalesForce CRM – Which is better?

Businesses rely on customer relationships, because organizations can grow over time only when they have strong and sustainable customer relationships. Evaluating and implementing the best customer relationship management solution for your business, it is important to have a bird’s eye view of the solution in its totality. When choosing a CRM you should consider everything […]