Deployment Option for Dynamics CRM

Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We understand that every business has one very important business process and our custom-made CRM support is made keeping that in mind. Our support team is made to help you step up your productivity and business proceedings.

Our Fast Track CRM support is constructed to help you expand on the optimally established Microsoft Dynamics CRM process to your company.

This assistance is made keeping new customers in mind, who need the help of our trained specialists for the basic set up of Dynamic CRM. The Fast Track program allows you to schedule our team’s time and effort on important aspects of Dynamics CRM.

Fast Track CRM Support

$ 2900
  • Remote training for 4 hours
  • Help with 3 dashboards, views and charts
  • Demonstrating 1 lead form
  • Depending on your businesses needs we will help you with 5 personalized workflows
  • Consultation for 2 hours (charting business process and creating rules)
  • CRM alterations for up to 2 hours (adding, deleting and updating fields)