Sage X3

Boost productivity and revive growth with flexible and faster Sage X3!

Sage X3 is a growth-oriented ERP solution, offering the right insights and tools to grow revenues, acquire new customers and reduce costs. Sage X3 helps you boost your business growth in an efficient way while cutting the costs, better serving customers and keeping you ahead of the competition.

With Sage X3, you can enjoy complete controls across all your business operations and functions including inventory, orders, expenses, data analysis and reporting, asset management, CRM, process manufacturing, warehouse management, cash management, productivity, sales, distribution, business intelligence and finances. Sage X3 is the ERP that can be accessed fully online, and helps increase productivity with an intuitive web-based interface that can easily be personalized to your business operations.

At Certus, a leading service provider for Sage products and ERPs deployment, we configure the system with the company requirements, user preferences and roles. Automated workflows, visual processes and alerts, document management, and high-quality communication tools are the core features available in the Sage X3 system. It has been developed to support global, mid size and large scale entities having multiple companies, languages, sites currencies, and legislations. Sage X3’s customizable add-on tools further extend software capabilities, while it also interfaces with other third-party software like CRM, e-commerce and WMS, making itself highly scalable and compatible.

The Benefits you are going to enjoy from Sage X3 include:

  • High Value: Sage X3 provides a set of standard features that are not available elsewhere, making it one of the most cost-effective ERP systems in the market.
  • Growth Adaptability: Sage X3 has been designed in view of ever-changing businesses, to cater both their present and future needs. Start today and scale up with new features and configure the process flows as per changing needs.
  • Simplicity with Power: Many ERP are too complex and not suitable for mid-sized businesses, unless they have high budgets and can wait years to go Live. Sage X3, on the contrary, is simple to deploy, easy to use, and 100% customizable.
  • Globalization: Sage X3 is being used by thousands of businesses worldwide since its multinational functionality is developed right into the software, supporting multiple language, currencies and legislations.

Certus, a leading name for Sage X3 hosting and deployment, helps you choose the right software. Our team of experts are equipped with the skills and experience to execute Sage X3 system efficiently within your business right away and unleash the potential of your tech investment. With our state of the art Sage X3 hosting services, flawless installation and deployment process and 24/7 technical and functional support by certified consultants and technicians, we serve as the best implementation partner for Sage X3.