SAP Business One

Enjoy greater operational control by boosting your supply chain visibility, automated processes and more, with SAP Business One.

SAP Business One is the industry-specific ERP for SME, which helps them achieve higher profit and efficiency. The ERP has primarily been designed to:

  • Reduce costs and boost the manufacturing operations scale
  • Optimize inventory with more efficient resource management, planning and allocation
  • Improve customer retention and satisfaction with on-time, complete order fulfillment
  • Ensure compliance with all regulations in the industry, and strict quality standards

SAP Business One is a cost-effective business management software that specifically caters the small to medium growing businesses. This easy-to-use and powerful application enables SME businesses to fine-tune and streamline operations and compete dynamically with the larger competitors. SAP Business One has been integrated with all core business functions with a single system –sales, financials, customer relationship management, service, manufacturing, inventory, and management reporting. It is a multi-company, multi-lingual and multi-currency system and seamlessly collaborated with Microsoft applications like Word, Excel & Outlook. Moreover, SAP Business One also works from mobile phone or iPad, which makes it easily accessible and compatible.

SAP Business One software consists of the following core modules:

  • Finance & Accounting – It integrates, automates and manage all business financial and accounting processes, both for a single and multiple businesses.
  • Stock and Purchasing – It manages the inventory across all warehouses, and monitors stock movements, serial numbered and batch materials. With SAP Business One, you can easily work with many suppliers to get the best quotes for materials and manage the entire purchase to stock to payment process.
  • Customer Relationship Management & Sales– Now grow your customer profitability and increase their satisfaction with effectively conducted sales, opportunity management and after-sales support with SAP Business One.
  • Manufacturing Operations –The ERP automates the entire purchasing and production process, giving automatic recommendations from MRP software tool and full Bill of Materials management and support for the batch and rework manufacturing.
  • Reporting– The ERP has a free Crystal Reports license developed into the solution that helps extract instant and complete data with comprehensive, real-time reports.

The SAP Business One is also great for businesses wishing to track warranty as well as contract based repairs for services and equipment. The team at Certus, supports customers with complete suite of service for SAP Business One deployment and configuration.

We understand your business is unique. The expert consultants at Certus helps businesses perform better by delivering services and support for SAP ERPs deployment on time, within budget and with faster time to benefit.