Are you looking to go paperless?

PaperSave offers one of the most comprehensive paperless document management and electronic workflow systems available which seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you’re looking to automate your document processes and workflows to a more efficient paperless system, PaperSave delivers a strong solution which can help cut costs as well as overheads.

PaperSave delivers on document capturing and conversion into an electronic format or directly in electronic formats reducing paper and offering a more efficient and effective digital system. Whether it’s processing of forms, delivery processes, bills, invoices, tickets or any other document, the system helps create electronic documents through it’s highly flexible features.

Paper dependent workflows often suffer from inefficiencies when documents need to be sent for approval or to be processed by a department and involves cumbersome movement of documents. With PaperSaves electronic workflow management capabilities, these processes can be made paperless and the workflow setup and managed through the software making it fast, efficient and waste free with clear ROI.

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