Hospitality companies are constantly under pressure to meet their numbers and remain competitive. As a result, more hospitality organizations are focusing on operational and financial efficiencies. The Certus Group customizes Dynamics GP solutions for restaurants and hotels.

The Certus Group understands the unique needs of the global hospitality industry along with region-specific requirements and delivers integrated solutions to enhance efficiencies, decrease costs by reducing manual data entry, and providing critical, decision-driving information when needed. By eliminating manual inefficiencies and better optimizing your available resources, our hospitality solutions provide the following key business benefits:

Automatic updates to payroll and bank reconciliation information, critical, decision-driving information delivered where and when needed, flexible enterprise reporting capabilities, and multi-unit functionality, real-time sales, cash flow, and other financial information upon demand, reduced fixed and variable costs through the elimination of manual data entry and operational inefficiencies.

Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to deliver rich information about every guest. By using this information, you can provide personalized attention, so you deliver a more compelling experience to keep customers coming back. Staff adoption is quick because Dynamics CRM offers a familiar interface that is easy to use.

Gather formatted customer data in a single information repository to better understand each guest’s needs and cultivate profitable customer relationships. Analyze customer behavior to improve service and performance management. Reduce IT costs and complexity with a flexible infrastructure that integrates CRM with your back-end systems. Share customer information across departments.

Create strong relationships with guests to build loyalty. By capturing every guest interaction, regardless of channel, you accumulate valuable information to better meet guest needs and give you a competitive edge.

Benefit from advanced security that protects customer and company data. Identify trends and provide personalized service via access to real-time, actionable data. Manage and track all guest-facing activities.

Leverage document version controls to accelerate workflow approvals. Share document repositories to improve the quality and efficiency of teams, meetings, and deliverables.

Enhance your sales and marketing activities with easy access to information across sales and marketing departments. Up-sell and cross-sell more efficiently and transform customer interactions into marketing opportunities.

Automate marketing processes to respond quickly to requests and set reminders for follow-up.

Easily associate events and ticketing with accounts and sponsorships. Identify high-value customers across franchises and venues. Increase opportunities for group sales and packages with easy access to customer data. Provide mobile access to CRM data, so salespeople have access to comprehensive customer information while on the road.

Segment your customer base to target marketing efforts appropriately and increase ROI.