Why Complex Manufacturing Organizations Should Look Into Infor LN

When it comes to organizations involved in complex manufacturing structures in areas like aerospace, engineering, automobile manufacturing, electronics and more, it’s critical that the information systems selected are in tune with their processes and allow them to scale efficiently. Increased complexity in these organization structures is a norm with more complex supply chains, more vendors, more locations, more components and more complicated interactions and the right ERP could go a long way in tying everything together more efficiently and ensure everything is seamless.

Infor LN by Infor has quickly emerged as leading option for global ERP solutions purpose built for complex manufacturing organizations.  Covering global financials, supply chain, manufacturing, product and service lifecycle management, Infor LN has been in use by more than 4500 businesses worldwide, right from mid-size companies to Fortune 500 companies.

From the perspective of a complex manufacturing organization, here are few reasons to take a close look into Infor LN while exploring ERP solutions…

Manage Complexity, Enhance Speed:

Today, every manufacturing business is facing the relentless pressure of a global market place.  In order to keep up with the fast-paced competition, it is required to manage more complex supply chains made up of customers and suppliers from around the world. The shortened product lifecycle calls for continuous innovation and every business is forced to improve the speed at which they launch their new products and services.

Standardization using Industry Benchmarks:  

The businesses can standardize the systems, information and processes with Infor LN’s industry best practices, delivered through the standard packaged software. Where other ERP systems go for one-size-fits-all approach, Infor LN is known to be the purpose-built solution that delivers industry best practices in manufacturing.

Confident Decision Making:  

Infor LN offers a real time integrated view of financials across your global business. It also offers the tools you need to comply with evolving international accounting standards such as US GAAP, IFRS and IAS. It helps in creating accurate business reports which enables you to take effective and confident decisions.

Key to enter various Global Markets:

Infor LN was purpose built to support various complex, global, multi-company operations in one go. You can take the advantage of Infor LN’s market leading architecture and comprehensive support for multi-site, multi-company transaction management, planning and shared services support. Infor LN gives you the opportunity to quickly enter numerous global markets with localizations for 42 countries and support for 14 different languages.

Extend your Core ERP:  

You can take your ERP system to the next level with Infor LN’s use of Infor ION technology to deliver cross-application integration, workflow, business process management and business intelligence. You can also standardize on Infor applications and take advantage of solutions that include Customer Relationship Management, Corporate Performance Management, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Operations Planning and Product Life-Cycle Management. Infor ION’s approach to integration also ensures easy upgrades without re-programming application integrations.

Master Complex Projects:  

With Infor LN’s advanced product lifecycle management capabilities you can integrate project management across customer management, design and engineering, sourcing and procurement, manufacturing, repair and overhaul and other financials. It will also help in managing the complexities associated with multi-year projects with complex contract and billing terms, long lead-time items, quality requirements and fees/penalties based on delivery performance.

Unlike conventional ERP solutions, Infor LN transforms your ERP from a system of record to a system of engagement that empowers your entire organization. With Infor LN you can connect people across your organization to customer data and business process that fits for specific tasks. For the complex manufacturing organization, Infor LN is definitely one to look into in some detail.

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