An Overview of Infor Sunsystems 6.2 – Financial Management Software System

The Infor 10x solutions suite has been a stable when it comes to enterprise applications across a large number of organizations. The latest version of Infor Sunsystems 6.2 has been one of the most anticipated launched from the Infor stable with some new features improvements over the Infor Sunsystems 6.1 which has been an integral […]

Top 10 reasons why you should move from SunSystems V4 to Infor10 SunSystems

The SunSystems v4 is a good financial management system which has been around for a decade. Though it is a reliable accounting system that should continue to deliver, you should considering upgrading your SunSystems v4 to the latest generation Infor10. Infor10 Financials Business (SunSystems) or Infor10 SunSystems as it is commonly referred to is your […]

How to decide if you should customize your ERP solution or not? – Part 2

Building on our Part 1 of “How to decide if you should customize your ERP solution or not?” Today we will discuss about how some customizations hinder or abet the functioning of ERP solutions When dealing with ERP implementation projects that demand customization, the following things further complicate the entire process: • A customizations policy […]

How to decide if you should customize your ERP solution or not? Part 1

As software consultants, we frequently hear our clients complaining during ERP solution implementation. Their major pain point seems to be the desire to get softwares to work the way they want it to and not the other way around. Majority of clients like to go in for software customizations so that tweak it to suit […]

How to make your business agile with Infor10 SunSystems

If you are considering a good financial reporting system to make your business more agile, we suggest you consider Infor10 SunSystems. Though there are quite a few good reasons why should choose Infor10 SunSystems, some of the most compelling ones are listed below. Finance honchos will be happy to know that Infor10 SunSystems supports five […]