Technology & Software to Play Role in Giving an Edge to Wealth Management Companies

The rising importance of digital market trends is rapidly shaping the business world. The wealth management domain has its key challenges of meeting the present asset base in the midst of unstable growth patterns. According to report from last year released by the Boston Consulting Group, digital technologies and the edge it offers Wealth Management companies […]

Top 10 reasons why you should move from SunSystems V4 to Infor10 SunSystems

The SunSystems v4 is a good financial management system which has been around for a decade. Though it is a reliable accounting system that should continue to deliver, you should considering upgrading your SunSystems v4 to the latest generation Infor10. Infor10 Financials Business (SunSystems) or Infor10 SunSystems as it is commonly referred to is your […]

How you can attempt excel based financial budgeting in Microsoft Dynamics GP

 Financial budgeting is quite a challenge for small and medium companies. This can be simplified using Microsoft Dynamics GP’s excel based financial budgeting. Complementing Microsoft Dynamics GP with Excel based budgeting companies can export their previous budgets or the actual amounts to begin the budgeting process. Companies can then import their new budgets as and […]

Why Business Intelligence Systems are becoming necessary for global businesses

Business Intelligence systems , also popularly known as “BI”, is the practice of using technology to identify, extract, analyze and evaluate business data vis-à-vis competitors or otherwise. Business Intelligence systems help companies to make good strategic decisions regarding which direction the business should take. IT Business Intelligence systems are the major “decision support systems.” Business […]

How to determine that you have outgrown QuickBooks and should upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics

If your organization making use of QuickBooks for financial accounting and you are you expecting growth and expansion in the near future, it is time you consider upgrading to the Microsoft Dynamics. Business growth compels CXO’s to make important business software decisions as they are increasingly becoming an important factor in operations. QuickBooks has served […]

Are your Financial Reporting Systems keeping up with global business demands?

Considering the present economic climate, many organizations across the world face the challenge of implementing fiscal discipline at the time of frail economy. Only good financial reporting systems can overcome protracted recession and prevent any major long term implications for competitiveness and business enterprise. same day payday loans no credit checks Businesses – both medium […]

Why Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring system is good for your business

Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring helps businesses to execute repeatable and reliable processes. This ensures you meet the control aspects of related to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in your organization. Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring helps businesses by providing them with a holistic view of data spanning across multiple business environments. It helps you get the […]