Evolving Trends In CRM Software for the Hospitality Industry

In the years to come, hospitality companies will work upon improving guest experience and CRM capabilities and data will continue to play a key role. Hotels are now under constant pressure to meet their targets and outperform the competition. As a result, many hospitality companies are working on personalizing services and knowing their customers better […]

Tips to ensure a smooth migration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Organizations that are focused on scaling and growth put a lot of emphasis on having a strong CRM system. While there are a number of good CRM tools available for early startups to small organizations, as the sales, marketing and customer retention processes get more complex, the need to migrate to an enterprise grade advanced […]

Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – a Business Process overview

With the advent of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, a large collection of features and extensions opened up to be utilized and extract the potential of the solution. One of the most salient options that have been offered is business process flows. This feature has been built on and uses the same application base that other […]

Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM – a Business Rules overview

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been instrumental in assisting organizations streamline their customer relationships in a managed form. Since 2003, Microsoft Dynamics has grown in market and in potential to what it can do. It has rolled out major system updates every couple of years or so which have hugely extended the capacity of the system. […]

Why you need a good Customer Relationship Management Solution

The ultimate purpose a good Customer Relationship Management Solution, is to help increase the profits with better retention of customers. In the case of Customer Relationship Management this can be done by ensuring that you are giving a better service to your customers than that of your competition. A good Customer Relationship Management Solution, like […]