Will Our Existing IT Systems Be Compatible With Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Most industries employ a variety of software and application programs in their daily operations. One of the biggest concerns a number of IT decision makers have while upgrading or migrating their ERP software is “will the new ERP selected be compatible with the existing software systems being used within other parts of the organization”. When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics GP as the ERP being considered, rest assured, integration with most existing software systems isn’t an insurmountable challenge and is well accommodated by the ERP. Running multiple applications together within an organization is not uncommon and integration of systems is often part of the implementation and upgrade process. Microsoft Dynamics provides a standard architecture that enables integration with other systems. So the take on the question- will our existing IT systems be compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP is yes. Furthermore, here are some points to shed some light on the concerns:-

    • Lesser variations in IT solution platforms equals lesser complications–  A large number of organizations have a significant part of their software systems on the Microsoft business software ecosystem. In these cases, integration with Dynamics GP is the simplest. While having multiple software solutions and different technologies is doesn’t mean they can integrate and work well, it’s best to opt for complete solutions and platforms to have less systems to manage in parallel.
  • Its ERP functionality simplifies processing system across the business reducing the need to have multiple solutions for different functions- Its ERP functionality allows simple functioning through all the different IT challenges right from Financial, Customer Relations, Supply, Manufacturing, Sales to Inventory. So often, data can be migrated and the number of software systems reduced to reduce complexity.
  • Integration of numerous processes into a single application– Microsoft Dynamics GP allows consolidating and putting together multiple processing systems into one data system.
  • Microsoft Dynamics extends certified integration professionals– It is easy to find an integrator with expertise in your industry through their global network of certified Microsoft Dynamics Partners. With the right partners, upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics and making the transition / integration with existing software smooth becomes easier.
  • Exciting new features for better working– With every new release, each system need to be reviewed within to make sure that your software is compatible. The same holds true for compatibility features which help the ERP function with other popularly used systems.

So it is safe to conclude that their designing plan is from the ground up and implemented keeping in mind compatibility with other systems and IT integration is possible. That said, having the right expertise and guidance through a partner is often the best way to make the transition to a more robust ERP like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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