Top 10 reasons why you should move from SunSystems V4 to Infor10 SunSystems

The SunSystems v4 is a good financial management system which has been around for a decade. Though it is a reliable accounting system that should continue to deliver, you should considering upgrading your SunSystems v4 to the latest generation Infor10.

Infor10 Financials Business (SunSystems) or Infor10 SunSystems as it is commonly referred to is your next gen financial accounting system. In case you have trouble deciding whether or not to switch, here are some compelling reasons to change your mind!

1. While SunSystems V4 supports a single transaction currency along with a base currency, the Infor10 can support up to 5 currencies per transaction. These can also be configured in a variety of ways, so if you happen to require a second base currency for reporting in real time, this could be a major benefit for you.

2. The Infor10 allows for all entry forms for transaction entries and reference data entries to be customized as per requirement. Infor10 also allows transaction entry forms to be designed with their own characteristics. It also has rules and attributes which makes for more accurate and efficient transaction entries.

3. The field spaces are longer in Infor10 SunSystems as at the time when SunSystems V4 was being coded; data space was limited and had to be used judiciously. However, these days organizations do require to record more data – which can be possible only after upgrading.

4. The new Infor10 has been equipped with a graphical report designer. The reports are delivered via web pages and PDFs. The older SunSystems V4 had a Report Designer facility – which was easy for consultants to use, but not for the average user. Infor10 makes authoring and editing your own documents much easier and simpler.

5. Infor10 gives you a choice of clients while SunSystems V4 limits you to a “thick or rich” client. This could either be installed on your PC or delivered via Citrix or Terminal Services – the latter which adds another layer of technology and cost to the equation.

6. Infor10 comes with customizable menus which can have configured menus. These are specific to users, having their own “favorites” tab. This brings the ability to personalize the system and makes for a better experience.

7. Infor10 has integrated inquiry screens and abilities to ping external programs as well. In SunSystems V4, one needs to use Vision to achieve any form of drill down. In Infor10 this ability can be further enhanced through the ability to call other external programs like a document management system.

8. Infor10 is equipped to call transactions for inclusion in processes like payment runs and revaluations. This eliminates the need to re-extract using selection criteria using Control Desks. When using SunSystems V4, you have to be sure that nothing changed between the time a process such as generate payments was run and when it was finally posted – you had to stop transaction entries.

9. In SunSystems V4 a user is restricted to doing only one task at any one time. Infor10, on the other hand is truly a multi session software. This allows users to have up to nine different sessions going at one time. This feature alone adds much to an individual’s productivity.

10. SunSystems V4 was not in sync with ION. However, Infor10 is now fully ION enabled. Using the new Infor10 ION Suite one can now configure workflows and alerts that push the information that users want to be made aware of automatically.

Though this is not an exhaustive list, we do believe these reasons make a compelling reason to consider upgrading to Infor10.

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