Sage 50

Get the productivity and power of the desktop accounting software with Sage 50!

Sage 50 gives you 100% Accuracy and safety for your accounting.

Looking for a comprehensive yet specialized cloud hosting for your business’s accounting platform? Sage 50 rises as one of the most popular and hassle-free cloud hosting solution for businesses, CAs, ledger makers and CPAs looking for an efficient and flawless accounting system. Sage 50 cloud hosting platform gives users the access to a range of Sage applications like Sage 50 Complete Accounting, letting them get benefitted from a lot of exclusive features Sage 50 software is integrated with.

With Sage 50, you can focus on your expertise while handling and managing critical risks related to your accounting. Though Sage 50 is mostly used by accountants and CPAs, many small and medium size businesses also use Sage 50 due to its accuracy, detail-orientation and user friendly interface. The product consists of a simple setup app that enables users to post real time transactions in batches. Sage 50 is full of useful add-ons like mobile access, credit card processing, document management and more. Hosted Sage 50 helps you manage your time and costs efficiently.

Wondering how to install and operate the Sage 50?

With Certus, you can start right away!

Certus Helps you make the most of Sage 50 & its hosting!

Certus is one of the leading Sage 50 cloud hosting providers, offering expert technical and functional consultation and services to a range of small and medium size businesses, financial advisors and CPAs. Our expert consultants provide all technical support and guidance throughout the process to help users access their organization data at any tine, from anywhere. Our 24/7 technical support is there to troubleshoot the problems as soon as they occur, making Sage 50 implementation process free of frustration and hassles.

Why Sage 50 Hosting with Certus?

At Certus, we work in a multi-user environment that enables all our team members to monitor, track, evaluate and collaborate the data effectively. Our clients get an access to all Sage features as well as add-ons, along with capacity to transfer/exchange Sage 50 data for integration purposes. Our expert consultants have years of experience to ensure lower installation and IT infrastructure costs. The high quality technical support is provided by our certified IT professionals 24/7.

Certus is a reliable name for Sage 50 deployment and reaping the benefits of the software to the fullest.