1. Cost-Effective
Running payroll in-house can be complicated, time consuming and expensive.. We offer our clients a fixed fee structure that assists with their budgeting and planning. 

2. Secure and Confidential
We will not disclose or divulge the payroll information to any third party, and only disseminate the payroll information to employees working on the payroll team.

3. Efficient and High Quality
The payroll environment is constantly changing. Outsourcing payroll to specialists ensures a consistent, high-quality service. Our team will ensure that your payroll is managed accurately, avoiding any risk of under or over payments, or any penalties from non-compliance with current payroll legislation.

4. Bespoke Service
Our payroll service is customized and is adaptable to suit specific requirements. We assist our clients electronically process each payroll whether weekly , bi-weekly or  monthly, plus ensuring all relevant reporting is prepared and submitted thereby allowing our clients to focus on their core business activities with the peace of mind that their payroll processing and reporting requirements are in safe hands.