Microsoft Dynamics GP

1. Self Deployment

Training videos and set up of one company and user account are included. CloudSuite Pro is always available for any help you might need at our standard rate of $165/ hour. (Pricing will vary by region)

2. Rapid Remote Deployment

This Deployment is suitable for most uncomplicated companies and includes the following :

3-hour Setup / Installation

Certusgrp sets up 1 user with Management Reporter and Dynamics GP software. Set up the Account Framework

In time remaining certusgrp will also assist in the setup of up to 2 companies

3 hour System Manager

Training includes:

1 user will be trained in security setup

The Systems Manager module can handle Fiscal Year setups, can be tuned to manage Posting setups and has features for General System Navigation, 1 user will be, time permitting, trained in these modules as well.

3 hour Accounts Payable

Training includes:

Setup of all Vendors/classes

Set up to enable Invoice Entry, Check Printing and printing Reports

3 hours Accounts Receivable

Training includes:

Customer and Class setups
Invoice Entry
Cash Receipt Entry
Report Printing

3 hour General Ledger

Training includes:

Account chart for all accounts
Reversing and Recurring Journal Entry
Printing Trial Balance reports

3. Custom Deployment

Bespoke deployment, designed and implemented based on your specific requirements. Formal discovery, analysis and deployment methodology is exercised. The number of hours required will vary depending on client company(s) complexities and your specific requirements. This can sometimes be a more cost effective solution than either the Self-Deployment or Rapid Remote Deployment options, we’d be happy to discuss your exact needs and show you which option would be best for you.