5 Critical Success Factors for a Smooth ERP Migration Webinar Program

The Path To Successful Business Systems Starts Here - March 17th 2015


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Your ERP system is the backbone of your business. Keeping that system healthy, stable and optimized is imperative to ensuring your business stays in business, can scale & support growth. However, every so often comes a time to check for signs that you have outgrown your ERP and the decision to upgrade or migrate is looming. How can you spot the early warning signs? How do you calculate the cost of migration or upgrading your existing system? How do you ensure the process is quick, painless & cost effective?

Join the “5 Critical Success Factors for a Smooth ERP Migration / Upgrade Webinar Program” today for a FREE 45 minute webinar hosted by Lisa Goodwin joined by Rick Siddiqi, Managing Principal of The Certus Group as he shares his experience & tips from years of helping organizations with successful ERP migrations and upgrades. The webinar will also feature one of our customers who will share their own experience of ERP migration, the pitfalls, challenges and successes during their upgrade. The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session.

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Identify the signs

Learn how to see the early warning signs that you've outgrown your ERP or whether it's restricting your scalability.

Developing a plan

Leverage knowledge & experience of others failures to develop a stronger implementation plan.

Implementation & user integration

Learn how to adopt an inclusive implementation process that involves users to avoid the risk of failure.

Monitor & measure

Take away invaluable tips on the process of measuring while implementing and ensuring a sure and smooth implementation.