Will Our Existing IT Systems Be Compatible With Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Most industries employ a variety of software and application programs in their daily operations. One of the biggest concerns a number of IT decision makers have while upgrading or migrating their ERP software is “will the new ERP selected be compatible with the existing software systems being used within other parts of the organization”. When […]

Dynamic Rendering of VST Forms in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Post the Service Pack 2 update to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, a number of fixes were made to improve the system as well as a number of features were added to existing add-ins, including Visual Studio Tools. The VST kit now came with capability of dynamic rendering of forms. Rendering allows a runtime of a […]

How you can attempt excel based financial budgeting in Microsoft Dynamics GP

 Financial budgeting is quite a challenge for small and medium companies. This can be simplified using Microsoft Dynamics GP’s excel based financial budgeting. Complementing Microsoft Dynamics GP with Excel based budgeting companies can export their previous budgets or the actual amounts to begin the budgeting process. Companies can then import their new budgets as and […]