Top 5 Emerging ERP Software Trends to Follow Through 2015

The ERP Software Trends that made a debut this year or gathered momentum during the year are likely to emerge even stronger through 2015. As the year draws to an end, it’s been an eventful year for ERP Software with some key ERP solutions launching newer versions, a number of them offering cloud based or […]

Why Complex Manufacturing Organizations Should Look Into Infor LN

When it comes to organizations involved in complex manufacturing structures in areas like aerospace, engineering, automobile manufacturing, electronics and more, it’s critical that the information systems selected are in tune with their processes and allow them to scale efficiently. Increased complexity in these organization structures is a norm with more complex supply chains, more vendors, […]

Mobile ERP for Enterprises – Top Priority in 2015

Earlier this year we witnessed a shift in the computing world where the number of mobile devices accessing the internet surpassed the number of laptops and PC’s used to go online. It was a matter of time with laptop and PC sales figures dwindling as more users around the world have taken to smartphones, tablets […]

A Deeper Look into the Hosted ERP VS Cloud ERP Decision

Hosted ERP VS cloud ERP, which is better? The question that most IT teams at mid-sized to larger enterprises have on the table as they consider an upgrade or change of their systems. We’ve observed discussions around the decision making process of hosted versus cloud when it comes to an enterprise’s ERP solution and while […]

Why cloud based ERP solutions are best for growing organizations

Cloud computing has changed the way enterprises have approached their business workflows. It has allowed small and medium businesses to manage various administrative options of their organisation such as email handling, website hosts and offline storage. The new wave of innovative business processes is to have a cloud based ERP solution. Enterprise Resource Planning solutions […]

How to decide if you should customize your ERP solution or not? – Part 2

Building on our Part 1 of “How to decide if you should customize your ERP solution or not?” Today we will discuss about how some customizations hinder or abet the functioning of ERP solutions When dealing with ERP implementation projects that demand customization, the following things further complicate the entire process: • A customizations policy […]

How to decide if you should customize your ERP solution or not? Part 1

As software consultants, we frequently hear our clients complaining during ERP solution implementation. Their major pain point seems to be the desire to get softwares to work the way they want it to and not the other way around. Majority of clients like to go in for software customizations so that tweak it to suit […]

Why Business Intelligence Systems are becoming necessary for global businesses

Business Intelligence systems , also popularly known as “BI”, is the practice of using technology to identify, extract, analyze and evaluate business data vis-à-vis competitors or otherwise. Business Intelligence systems help companies to make good strategic decisions regarding which direction the business should take. IT Business Intelligence systems are the major “decision support systems.” Business […]

Why Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring system is good for your business

Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring helps businesses to execute repeatable and reliable processes. This ensures you meet the control aspects of related to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in your organization. Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring helps businesses by providing them with a holistic view of data spanning across multiple business environments. It helps you get the […]